My name’s David. I’ve been making my living as a busker for nearly 6 years now, ever since graduating from university and neglecting to have made any genuine efforts to find what one might call a ‘job’. Fortunately for me, it turns out that busking is just about the perfect way to make a living. People are always surprised to hear this and usually assume I am either on benefits or have other jobs to keep me afloat. The former is not the case (not that I wish to engage in ‘benefit-bashing’ of any kind) and the latter is only partly true. In order to keep a bit of variety in my life, I have in the last few years worked freelance as a teacher, an actor, a role player, a tour guide in character as William Shakespeare, a Tudor Battle Workshop Leader and, on one rather humiliating occasion, Betty Bassett. I won’t go into that though; the memories are both too raw and too bitter. The point is, my main job is busking. And I love it. In March 2015, I moved out of my home in Birmingham to travel the world by busking my way around. According to my spreadsheet detailing the places I’ve busked in (which is a thing that exists, and will come as no surprise to those of you who know me personally) I’ve currently busked in 41 countries, spanning 3 continents. On this blog I’ll write general musings about busking and travelling. I hope you enjoy it!

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